About Us

JAKS welcomes you to an exotic Indian culinary experience. This authentic Indian restaurant is home to an eclectic mix of flavour’s. Here, one can savour our dynamic approach to food, from Southern Indian to Northern part of India, and the freshest coastal seafood.

Our Master Chef Prakash recipes simmering in JAKS kitchen are firmly rooted in authenticity, though they may use indigenous spices and ingredients, showing distinct evidence of foreign influences, both recent and ancient. Along with flow, The Peg is the perfect place for connoisseurs of fine wines, whisky aficionados, and beer lovers to congregate in. The Lounge boasts of a fine selection of Single Malts. Expertly crafted cocktails. A bounty of beers. And a friendly, easy vibe.

With its upscale modern contemporary inspired decor, richly laid interiors and food artistically, presented, it remains the most authentic address for a taste of Indian cuisine. Mindful of its illustrious past and a legendary culinary rigor, the craft of its master chefs has remained unyielding and unrelenting over the years.

The quest for excellence requires them to undertake ritual journeys, across disparate locales from historical palace to the by lanes of small towns and alluring coastal hamlets of Indian, unearthing traditional recipes and mastering cooking styles.

We invite you to join us in this journey where the past and the present come together to transport you to another world where colours, flavours and aromas come alive.

Welcome to Jaks!